This Year Best 4th of July Buys

As it often happens, every holiday comes with a set of advantages when speaking of best things you can buy.

If around Christmas time prices drop for things like home improvement tools and kitchen goods, and after Easter sale promotions bring about bargains for all sorts of tech related products, 4th of July is a great time also to stock up on a number of things.


Every year, retailers put out many products with deep discounts all throughout the 4th of July weekend, and these items usually sell fast. Since summer’s already kicked in full swing, you can expect good deals on summer related products like swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, summer clothing and insect repellents, which are definitely going to pay off if you’re planning camping getaways this season.

Since we’re only a few days away from the 4th of July holiday, and most of the bargains happen days in advance, don’t wait too long if you want to get the best off sales events. You can score greatest deals on:

Summer Clothes

You wouldn’t usually get deep discounts on summer clothing while in season, but 4th of July is the time when retailers like J.C. Penney, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s have massive deals, even up to 80% off prices.

One thing though: be on guard as to impulse buying. Many clothing deals around this time target specific items, and you are better holding off for other sale events if you don’t actually need updating your wardrobe.

Outdoor Gear

Whether sports related or for hiking activities, camping and fishing, outdoor gear is another popular category to shop this holiday. There are many retailers and companies that drop prices on outdoor apparel, biking gear, camping essentials and fishing accessories.

Vacation time on, retailers want to get the most off customer’s shopping so if you’re looking to spruce up your outdoors collection, now’s a good time. Look to buy from sporting goods stores as opposed to department stores because the first usually offer the best shopping experience.

Patio Furniture

There’s no “now’s as good a time as any” when it comes to outdoor furniture. Although usually Memorial Day sales offer the best in regards to patio furniture deals, the 4th of July sales have plenty left to offer.

Most retailers have large inventories, and what’s still left from Memorial Day sales are put out around this time with big discounts. Retailers with an online presence also throw in free delivery on eligible orders so it’s good to check that out if you want to buy from a shop unavailable where you live.

Grills and Meats

Since barbecue season is on, grills and meats go hand in hand this 4th of July. Quality grills are sold with up to $100 less now, and some of the retailers throwing in best promotions are Cabela’s and Lowe’s for example.

And for stocking up on meats, a visit to the local grocer will definitely pay off. Walmart and Kroger are just two of the food retailers usually putting out best meat deals around 4th of July.  So whether you’re throwing a party or your freezer’s about to empty, this is a good time to restock.

Air Conditioners

If you were waiting for prices to drop on air conditioners, the time to shop is now. Air conditioner purchases are highly encouraged during this sales period, and even small appliances and various electronics go on sale now.

After the holiday, prices on portable as well as window units tend to maintain higher so your best chance of finding something with good features and at lower prices is to shop around the 4th of July holiday.