To shop or not to shop on Black Friday… this is the question

Black Friday used us with discounts, unbearable and hard to resist temptations and huge crazy crowds of people. Then it brought us the online sales that helped with crowd control. Still, this concept raises some questions: why does this day starts for some stores in July and ends in December? Are they really all discounts or honey for the bears? Should we really get stressed on how to grab that deals or chill?

We are all a big and happy consumers “family”. We like shopping and use it in any way we can. We are deceived by beautiful offers that are only a mist. Should we or shouldn’t we go hunting for deals on Black Friday? Every man for himself can decide that … but take in consideration these facts:

If you decide to shop, don’t go to the mall and make tons of purchases you’ll later regret. Keep your shopping appetite under control and everything will work out fine.

Going to shop on Black Friday is like getting a ten dishes dinner if you are overweight. If you buy too much you will have consequences following shortly… and they won’t be gentle.

Don’t go making foolish buying decisions. The most common error occurs when we are drawn into the store by the possibility of an incredible doorbuster deal. Usually, these deals are available in a limited number of units and when shoppers lose this deals, sometimes they go ahead and buy a similar item—for a much more expensive price just because they just don’t like to be left out. They also hate the idea that they could come home empty-handed after waking up before dawn, tired and begging for a coffee, and driving to the mall, the entire experience proving to be a gigantic waste of time. They want to participate and get the action, even if that means getting much less for much more $.

And here is the bare truth: there are alternatives to Black Friday shopping – you could also just not shop. This is permitted. Chill and buy nothing at all. Will you miss out? Of course. But that is OK. There have been “pre-Black Friday” and early Cyber Monday sales, there will be Cyber Monday itself, and surely there will be more and more deals to come after that. You can’t go shopping during all of these “precious” sales. Nor should you try.

Last but not least, educate yourself before you buy! If you are looking to make a big purchase make sure you know the pros and cons of what you are shopping for before you get started.

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